We operate a worldwide comprehensive shipping service. Whatever you want to move, wherever you want it to go, we can help you out.

Moving Overseas

Moving overseas or to mainland Europe should not be any more difficult than moving to the next town. However, there are a few extra things to consider.

Plan Early

Call us early so we can help you plan ahead by making it clear exactly what we will do and what you will have to do yourself. We can also advise on what to take and what to leave behind, giving you lots of time to dispose of unwanted items.


Leave it to your moving company. You should concentrate on what to take and making everything easily accessible for the packers. They have the experience and the materials to pack things much more quickly and safely than you could do yourself, particularly large, heavy or fragile items.

Moving Day

Be there to answer your packers' questions, to make sure nothing is left behind and to sign the paperwork. Take special care to check the loft, outbuildings and cupboards. Make sure you have your passports, tickets and documents with you; don't send them in the shipment by accident!

Getting There

If you are moving to another continent, your goods will travel in a shipping container. Small shipments will be taken to the shipping company's warehouse for consolidation. The transit time will depend on when the next container is going to your destination. Large shipments will be packed into the container at your door and travel directly to the docks for loading on the next available vessel. Sailing schedules are published in advance so we will be able to estimate when you can expect your container to arrive. If you are moving into Europe, your goods will travel by lorry. Again, small consignments are consolidated; large ones occupy a whole vehicle and so travel directly.

On Arrival

Whether you move into Europe or much farther we will normally ask a company at your destination to help with customs clearance (if applicable) and delivery. This 'destination agent' will unload everything for you, unwrap it and place it in your new home. If necessary, the destination agent can provide storage facilities before delivery.


Sending goods by air is fast but can be expensive. The cost is based on the weight and volume of your goods. Make sure you send only essential items and remember, whilst sending goods by airfreight is a quicker option, the time it takes is dependent upon the destination. Contact us for further information about this.