Archive & Document Storage

Files are organised using folders and archive boxes.

It is becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to keep accurate long term records. You probably have documents that you are required to keep but have no immediate use for. As an example, all companies must now keep their Employers' Liability Certificates for a minimum of fourty years!

Storing old or infrequently used files on site can become impractical, inefficient and expensive. It makes sense to archive your files somewhere specifically designed for that purpose, where they are still accessible but not cluttering up your workspace.

Our archive storage service is an efficient and reliable way of storing and retrieving files which releases valuable office space, allowing you to expand your business, increase productivity and save money.

You can store any quantity of documents and expand or decrease the storage space you have as your requirements change. You can hire an entire self storage room / wooden archive container (or part of one) or share a shelf with other companies. Files can be collected when needed during our business hours. We can also deliver by prior arrangement. Complete confidentiality is always ensured.

If you would like to discuss you company's requirements or visit our premises to view the facilities we have on offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Benefits

Cost Saving

An archive box can be stored for as little as 2 pence plus VAT per day. In these days of rising office costs contracting out document storage makes sense. Save time and money by centralising your archive and releasing staff for other vital functions.

Space Saving

Archiving your files off site means you will have more space to expand your business, employ more staff or just simply provide a better environment for your existing staff.


Documents are stored in purpose built archive boxes. You may keep the key that locks them. Our warehouses are alarmed and monitored by closed circuit television. We can also provide an on site shredding service for out of date documents.


Your files remain accessible and can be collected or delivered when needed during our business hours.